Doggie Days!

Doggie Days

           Sit Stay and Play!



Treat Your Pet to The Best in Care with Our Pet Day Care & Boarding Services

Provide you favorite pet with loving pet day care and lots of playtime with our pet sitting and pet boarding services in Jefferson. At Doggie Days, we offer daily services for your beloved pet while you are at work, and provide attentive pet boarding services for dogs of all sizes.

Our caring staff works one-on-one with each pet in our care and provides personal care and attention in order to make your pet feel safe and at home. Pet boarding services include close monitoring and surveillance to keep an eye on all animals in our boarding area at all times.


· Personal Attention for Your Pet
• Indoor & Outdoor Activities
• Midday Snack Time

      • Private Boarding Kennels
• Animal Socialization & Interaction


Daycare Benefits

For dogs of all ages doggie daycare teaches social skills, such as learning to interact with a variety of dogs as well as people.

It also helps young puppies with potty training by being on a routine potty schedule.

Hyper dogs have a chance to let out some of their energy while at daycare, so you can simply relax and enjoy the company of your dog at home.

There are trained Veterinarians that could be consulted in any cases of emergency at any time of the day.

The dogs welfare and health are top priorities and are well taken care of at daycare.

These dogs are provided with all aspects of care, food, supervised group play, individual attention, plenty of nap time, and of course unlimited love, praise and affection. Owners can rest assure while at work, away for a holiday or while just having private time at home, their pet will be well taken care of while at doggie daycare.